Window content does not render when opening a large model file

When the window is not rendered, I close it and open it to display normally, but after a period of time, it becomes completely white again.

Can you share the file you’re trying to open? It may be a corrupted file.

There is no problem with the SKP file. It can open and display the model normally, but after opening it, the windows inside SU cannot be displayed properly.

Does it happen with all .skp files?
Are you still using the 2021 version of SketchUp as it is in your profile?
Have you got Windows update recently?
Have you checked that you have the latest graphics driver from Nvidia’s website?
In the invisible part of your picture puzzle, do you see the text “(Not Responding)” in the SketchUp title bar?

Random, I haven’t found that the model is fixed to have this problem yet.

Due to the lack of information and answers you have provided, I cannot give you more advice. Sorry.

It’s okay, I can understand. I just want to see if anyone has encountered this problem like me. Occasional problems in the program are the most difficult to locate.

Check from the Nvidia website that your graphics driver is up to date, and update if necessary. Intermittent graphics problems can also indicate a beginning hardware failure or memory problem. SketchUp 2021 has not changed in a couple of years so the changes must be in the environment.

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If you don’t know how to update the drivers or even if you know I recommend you to get the Nvidia GeForce experience software, it will update automatically to the latest version available.

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