earlier versioned models

Hi, I love the idea behind I use it for education and it would be great to let my kids do their work at home and then be able to continue at the school. Unfortunately, at the school we have 2015 SketchUp. I don’t believe the educational license for 2016 is available yet and in any case the school IT people are pretty overworked, restricting our ability to upgrade. We do need to be able to download the files for 3d printing and for use in MSPhysics simulations.

Thanks, Samuel Ketner

Right now it’s tricky. You need to:

  1. Save your my.sketchup model in Trimble Connect - requires a (free) Trimble Connect account
  2. From a copy of SketchUp, import the model from Trimble Connect.
    I haven’t (yet) worked with Trimble Connect, so I don’t know if this will work if your Sketchup License is 2015. If it doesn’t work, then get a copy of SketchUp MAKE 2106, use it to import from Trimble Connect, then Save it in 2015 format.

Sometime in the (hopefully near) future, my.sketchup will be able to upload components directly to the 3D Warehouse. One GREAT feature of the 3D Warehouse is that uploaded models are available in multiple formats, including 2015.

My evidence to document my assertion that saving to 3D Warehouse is planned? Go to, create a simple model with a component. Then select it, right click on it, select “3D Warehouse” and you’ll see three greyed out options, one of which is “Share Component”. I’m interpreting the greyed out action as an almost promise that it will be available in the future.

You can share your active model via 3D Warehouse from my.SketchUp- click on the 3D Warehouse icon in the same left hand navigation that takes you to your Trimble Connect folders. 3D Warehouse will save the model down to SU2015 format for you.

If you click “Printable” on the upload, you’ll get an .stl file generated as well, ready for your 3D printers.