Downloading models from 3D Warehouse uploaded after 2017

Probably done to save space on servers maybe? Or, perhaps, something done in a “create problem, sell solution” manner?

Why did Trimble Inc. make it so that models uploaded after 2017 are now unable to be downloaded in 2017 format? Everyone using Make - including me - will now be unable to download models uploaded to the Warehouse after 2017…

Sure, but… I can’t change anything. I’ll live with it - see how things go in the future!

Post created on July 27

You could create your own components instead of relying on other people to do it for you.

Or you could use the free web version of SketchUp.

Mmm…Yea, I do create my own sometimes - the models on the Warehouse are often over 2MB - but it’s troublesome. That’s why I make my low-poly models and upload them on the Warehouse so people can use them without much trouble.
Free Web version? Alright, I might try. Thanks.

Will we be able to UPLOAD 2017 models after this date?

Why are you blaming me for that?. I have no control over which reply the OP marks as the solution.


You are still can use your purchased software, all the models of 3DWH is freely available for you, just need to choose the proper format or use the tools provided by Sketchup, also free. :peace_symbol:

Another explanation for why many of our posts are getting few and far between. What a knob.

I am going to model the whole of New York, New York by myself down to the subway and up to the antennas of One World Trade Center.

This solution is unimaginable and unsustainable for the way and reason I professionally use SU. I’m an interior designer and provide schematic kitchen designs for clients which ultimately get converted in to cabinet shop drawings by our selected cabinet vendor/maker. The cabinet components in 3DW have been an immeasurable valuable resource for me to provide visual representations of a client’s layout. The suggestion of making my own cabinet components - given the myriad shapes, sizes and configurations - isn’t a smart (or possible) use of time. I’ve always been so appreciative of the robust library available in 3DW and am troubled by navigating this upcoming purge.
Please provide further clarity about the suggestion to pivot from Pro to the Free version. How will that help this issue?

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2019 so the removal of 2017 versions of the components won’t have any impact on your work flow.

Thank you @DaveR . I guess I’m not clear on the particulars of this change. I took it to mean that any items in the library that pre-date the 2017 version of SU will be removed. Not the case?

If you’d click on Learn More in the message at the top of the 3D Warehouse page you would see that the Warehouse supports the last three versions of SketchUp. They are removing the 2017 and 2018 versions of the files unless they were uploaded inone of those versions. This won’t affect users of newer versions of SketchUp. This same sort of thing happened in 2019 when they stopped converting uploaded components to 2016 and earlier.

It would be worth considering that this sort of thing will likely happen again next year. If it does, 2019 versions of components will be removed. If you are still using SketchUp 2019 at that point you will need to download the .dae versions of them to import into your projects.