I need the 3d warehouse with my 2017 licence, how? must I upgrade..?

I need the 3D warehouse to my old 2017 version of SketchUp. I can not have them any more.
Must I upgrade…?
/Kjell in Sweden

You have three main options…

will work in a browser. You can find models you like and download them as a 2017 format file.

The Components panel has a 3D Warehouse search box in it, if you use that and find a model you want, click on its thumbnail, and the model will be inserted as a component.

You can use the sign in options, and enter your Gmail address as a Trimble ID. If you don’t know your password, try signing in as a Trimble ID on sketchup.com, and whatever password works there will work in SketchUp as well. Once you are signed in the regular 3D Warehouse window should work.

Thank You Colin!

I did not know I could download from the browser directly…


Thanks @colin, 3D Warehouse via a browser worked but Components option just took me to the same download screen, which then tells me I’m not logged in and gives me the login issues I described. Browser is fine but it opens up a new instance of Sketchup rather than downloading into the open/active session - do you know if there is a way to download directly into the active session? It’s a little clumsy having to copy each model across? Thanks

My mistake, I clicked on the link rather than the thumbnail in Components panel - sorted now - thanks again!

Yes. The link opens up the 3D Warehouse window, the thumbnail does the immediate download. Glad you realized that.

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