Getting models from 3D Warehouse

I have only started to learn sketchup today but i have come accross a problem, when i got to file and 3d warehouse and try to get model, it doesnt give me the option to get model only share model. Do i have to download 3d warehouse onto my pc and if so whats th link for the download because i cant find it.

Look in the Window menu for the 3D Warehouse.

What operating system are you using? You entered “22 pro” which isn’t an operating system. Also put in the actual graphics card. Please correct your profile. That information helps us help you.

I use 3d warehouse for articad with no problems at all im not sure why its not an option with sketchup.
I am using Windows 10 and my graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060.

It is available in SketchUp. Did you do what I directed?

Yea i looked in the window menu and its directing me to the site

It will open the 3D Warehouse as a web page where you can search for the components you are interested in.

After downloading components where do i save them to be able to access them on sketchup?

Normally you would download them into your model file. Alternatively you can choose to save them to a folder and then import them into your SketchUp project.

Best practice is to download them into a SketchUp session so you can check to see that they are suitable and if they are, copy them to your SketchUp project.

You should go through the tutorials at

Thank you, I was looking for the courses but for some odd reason couldnt find them. Apologies for the silly questions, im still trying to get hang of working with these sort of programmes!