Where do the 3D models from the 3D warehouse download to?

Where do the 3D models from the 3D warehouse download to?

What do you mean? If you are downloading them in your browser they would go to where you normally save downloads. If you were using the 3D Warehouse interface in SketchUp they would typically download into SketchUp. Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2017 Make which is not supported by the 3D Warehouse. If you are using that version you could access components from the 3D Warehouse via your Internet browser. You would need to download the Collada version of the component and extract the contents of the ZIP file. Then import the .dae file into SketchUp.

In order to know where, I have set my browser (Chrome) to always ask for file name and path when downloading files. Otherwise they would go to my Downloads folder.

I don’t want to drag this thread too far off track, but perhaps this will also be helpful to @grbates. What you offer sounds rather unnecessarily complicated…or the long way 'round. All I’ve ever done is download a model in the earliest format possible from the 3DWH via my browser, use Eneroth’s Open Newer Version extension, then do a “Save As” in the SU version I work in.

I have seen threads here that mentioned Collada files and .dae files, though I’ve never bothered to learn anything about them b/c I thought those files/formats were only important to professional users. Do I lose something in getting models from the warehouse in the manner I’ve described above? If not, why wouldn’t it be easier for @grbates to just download .skp files from the warehouse?

That’s great as long as you aren’t using a Mac llike @grbates appears to be.

Didn’t know @grbates was using a Mac. Learn something new even when I don’t expect it. And at least I know what I’m doing is fine.