My Sketchup 2023 file won't open and has an error message

Hello, my name is Rachel,

I’m having some troubles with my file. When I saved my file it froze and an error message popped up, I guess it didn’t save properly and now when I open it an error message comes up. My backup isn’t recent enough and this is my only file, I really need some help.

hello Rachel,

I can’t say if we can help you, but the first step will be for you to share the file, either directly here in the answer window, or through wetransfer (or similar)

Because without a file to explore, we can’t really help you…

maybe it’ll open with a different machine, if not, we can ask Colin to check with some more advanced tools.

The file is too large to share, it’s 72,000 KB. How do I share through wetransfer? Is there an email to send it to?

Upload it to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? SketchUp for Schools is web based and available to school children. ‘2023’ is NOT an operating system. Memory is NOT a graphics card. Please clean up your forum profile and put in the correct answers to the questions.

Profile updated to the best of my ability.

Link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

Looks like most of it is zeroes. Not recoverable.

Where have you been saving the file? On an external drive? Or in the cloud?

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Hmmm file can’t be found / is invalid here too.

time to ping @colin — it’s almost lunchtime on a superb-owl sunday in the us though, so I can’t tell you he’ll check it before tomorrow.

If anyone else has better luck…

at this point, if the backup opens fine, I would advise you to start from there, there is no guarantee Colin can extract something, or when he can.

External hardrive

That would explain the corruption of the file.

Okay, thank you all for your effort. I’ll wait to hear from Colin.

No way to recover, huh?

Colin can tell you better but based on seeing similar files, I doubt it’s recoverable.

Okay, thank you.

The file is a third filled with zeros for me as well. Do you have the .skb backup file?

Yes, but it’s last save was from about a week ago. I’ve been working on it heavily for the last few days. It looks like I’m just going to have to redo the assignment.

wait, does it mean you spent a week working on it without saving ?

that’s wild :slight_smile:

Maybe that’s better than starting from zero.

This time do not save it on an external drive or in the cloud. Save the file to the computer’s internal drive at least while you are working on it.

Haha. No the backup wasn’t saving as I was going, I was saving the original.

Did you disable the make a backup option a week ago or haven’t you saved for an entire week.

Okay, yes I will. I think I’ve learned a very valuable lesson today. Smh.