My sketch up is not working

My sketch up is not working. Every time I open the application all it shows is the activation bottom. What do I do?

What version are you actually using? Your forum profile says you are using SketchUP for Schools which is a web based version for school children but you posted in the SketchUP Studio category. What operating system are you using? “Architectue and engineering” does not identify an operating system. Please put useful and correct information in your forum profile.

Show a screen shot of what you are seeing.

Why does it say that… I purchased sketch up pro I think. But it’s not opening.

So you do not have SketchUp for Schools. You are showing that you have SketchUp Studio. Please correct that and fix the rest of your forum profile.

It shows that you have zero seats available out of the one you purchased. Did you have SketchUp open on another machine? If so, you need to sign out on that one.

I did have it open somewhere else. But then I signed out a long time ago… and now I want to sign in again on this new laptop but it is not allowing me. All though I am signed out of the old one.

Go to and sign in there. Then find the account management page and Manage Devices. Sign out of all devices there.

Should I click on that icon image?

This is what shows me when I click on it

At the top right you should see person icon. Click on that and then My Trimble Subscriptions.
Screenshot - 3_7_2024 , 1_53_50 PM
View Included Applications.
Screenshot - 3_7_2024 , 1_54_18 PM
Manage Devices
Screenshot - 3_7_2024 , 1_54_33 PM

Okay, I did that. it didn’t change anything.

I really need to fix it asap because my final is on Monday and I need to use sketch! Please help.

So you deauthorized all devices? Did you do this with SketchUp closed on your current computer?

Maybe @colin can look at your account and see if there’s something else going on.

Oh!! It worked!!! Thank you so much.
I closed all tabs and restarted my computer and then it worked.
Appreciate your help.

The subscription looks ok. I think that only the signing out and signing in again steps were missed. almanea is typing as I say this, hopefully there’s good news.

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After deauthorizing your devices, open Sketchup, if you are prompted with the “you have exceeded your allowed activations” screen, click the little icon at the upper right of the window and log out, then log back in.