My scenes were deleted

Today I opened up a file that had many many scenes linking to my layout file for a construction document set and now they are missing. Does anybody have any ideas on how this may have happened? Is anybody having a similar issue?

What happens when you open the LayOut file? Does it show that the SketchUp reference is out of date? If it does, is the path to the .skp file identical to the SketchUp file you opened? If it is, choose to skip updating for the moment. Do your viewports show the scenes as expected?

If the viewports show the expected scenes, look at Document Setup>References. What does it show for the status of the .skp file?

Right click on a viewport and choose Open with SketchUp. Do you see scenes in the file that opens?

SketchUp shouldn’t be able to simply delete scenes. It’s possible some extension might. Are you using an extension to create the scenes?

My layout shows the scenes as expected. The reference is showing up as ‘Old’

When i open sketchup via a layout viewport it opens the file that contains no scenes.

I do use an extension that turns off new tags on all scenes called “Auto-invisible layer ON/OFF” which Ive been using for a few years with no problems.

In the References list highlight the SketchUp file and click on Unlink. Then try opening the .skp file from the viewport as before. Does that file include the scenes?

Auto-Invisible Layer won’t affect scenes.

Can you share the LO file?

That did indeed include my scenes. It’ll work for now as I don’t have any updates to the model. I would normally share files for debugging but the layout has client information all over it.

Thank you Dave

You can use Save as to replace the version without scenes and then relink to that file in the References panel if you want.

Out of curiosity, how did you add the .skp file to the LayOut project?

I have a template for all of my projects that sets up my pages and I just relink my sketchup model to reference my current project and all of my scenes get updated inside of layout

OK. Just wanted to make sure you are not copying from SketchUp and pasting in LayOut.

Naw, rookie move :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL! Yeah. It would be. :smiley:

I’m sure you may have checked, but did you check that you had “scene tabs” checked under “view”?

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That’s an excellent question! I didn’t think about having the scene tabs turned off. I guess it’s a feature I haven’t ever used for a project.

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I have done this exact thing before. I went to click hidden geometry and accidently hit the scene tab button. Panicked for a minute, then back stepped and realized what I had done.

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I wish this was the case, my scenes are gone from the scene window as well.