My scenes were deleted again!

I cannot figure out what happens when this problem arises but I had this issue 2 years ago.
We have a central server that all of our files come from, I don’t know if this is an issue.
Once every two years (when the last time this happened) I get a file in which the scenes get deleted, also my tag folders get emptied and all of the tags become listed outside of their folders.

What’s happening?! One of my coworkers thinks its being overwritten by a reference file but I’ve never seen this happen to me, I can override a model reference, but not the reference file’s scenes.

I’m confused

:thinking: This usually indicates when the file is not opened, but imported (or drag & drop) into an empty model…
Similar if you select all [CTRL+a] then copy [CTRL+c] in original model, then paste [CTRL+v] (or paste in place) into other empty model.

yes, but that doesn’t make sense to me. My workflow is like this…

  1. Main model is created with scenes.

  2. I create a Landscape model and import the Main model into it.

I only add stuff inside of this new Landscape model and then close it when done. I opened up the Main model and it was void of scenes and the tags were outside of their folders.

I’ve been working with Sketchup since 2014 and this has only happened on 2 projects ever.
My solution before was to open up a backup.

The tags / folder issue could be from someone overwrite / saving into a lower file version. But that doesn’t explain the scenes issue.

As a test - what happens if you right click your MAIN model (from within your landscape model) and save it somewhere - and then open it again. Are the scenes gone?

The newly saved file doesn’t have scenes but the main model retains its scenes.

I have a feeling it might be an extension made by @eneroth3 called Eneroth Reference Manager, but there is no way of knowing. I’m curious if she thinks this may be some of the cause.

SOLVED!!! It is the reference manager! I replicated it exactly using the auto update feature. When it automatically asked me to update my model, I hit Yes and then BAM, it wiped all of my scenes from the main model.

Saving out a component over a SketchUp file removes any scenes in it. The behavior is the same whether you use an extension or SketchUp’s native component Save As functionality. This is a logged SketchUp issue but I don’t know if it’s on the road map or its priority.

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Thanks for the info, my workflow has never used saving out reference files so I’ve never run into this until now. It would be a really nice feature to have but, sadly, we use scenes in each of our files. :sob: