My projects have disappeared

I have two macbook pros. One is very old (this one) and rarely allows me access, the other is 12mths old but died recently. It has just had its mother board replaced. Since it died I HAVE been able to access my Sketchup for web projects on my very old mac (the one I am using to write this). Yesterday I had problems accessing my Sketchup account. I think I have solved that now. I can access an account but my projects have disappeared. There is an enormous amount of work. I thought they were saved on the web. Can you help me retrieve them?

When you signed in previously you had chosen to sign in with Apple, and hide your email address. If you are now signing in with Trimble or Google, you won’t see the files for your account, because you’re now on a different account.

Try sign in with Apple again.

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Hi Colin
I’ve tried signing in with Apple again but still no projects are visible

Hi Colin

I have recently moved to France and changed my phone number so when I try to sign in the verification code goes to the old number, which no longer exists. As I am unable to access my account I am unable to change my phone number

when I use ApplID to sign in I can access this screen which says the account owner has been deleted and has no access. Any idea what is going on and/or if I can be reinstated as the account owner?

Whether you can see your files or not isn’t dependent on whether you are owner or not. But, I’m wondering if you were originally signed in directly with your Apple ID, then requested that account to be deleted, and instead signed in with your Apple ID with the hide my email option enabled. If that’s the case, your original Apple ID sign in would be where your models are.

You can send a direct message to me by clicking on my avatar and then on Message, and let me know your real email address. I can then look up what state that account is in, and whether the files it has can be transferred.

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