My project file seems corrupt after a sketchup crash

Hi !

I m was working on my project when my sketchup just freeze & crash.

After restarting SKETCHUP I ve try to re-open the auto-save files i was working on but the file seems corrupt (or broken) now and i m not able to work on it anymore because of a viewing issue : When i get closer to my model he disapear

  • The file size is 180Mo . Not sure it could come from the size, i’ve got an other 162 mo project who works fine.
  • I can still work on other project. So i don’t think i ve got issues with my sketchup version.
  • Same problem with an other computer (a powerfull one …)
  • Here is what i see when i try to get closer (zoom in). The building is half cut … So i can’t access to the closer objects.

Here is a link to the file : Dropbox - Error

Thanks for your help !


Clipping can be caused by geometry too far from the origin, if you can turn on all layers, hidden geometry and the zoom all. Then select areas outside the require model space and delete. Most likely an imported component will be the cause so right-left crossing selection may catch it.

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Thanks a lot pcmoor !!!

That s was indeed the problem !

Problem solved.

That’s called Clipping.

in most cases, it would be caused by an object too small and too big are in the same file.
It may be caused by other reasons however.

Yes, thank you. I figured it all out.

In my case, it was just a glitch caused by being in parallel projection too long. By switching to different camera mode, the glitch went away.

My model was built fine. But I learned a lesson not to stay in parallel projection mode too long. If you see clipping after being in that mode for a while, just switch camera modes.

Thank you for the help.

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