Crash and blank screen | URGENT |

so i was working on my model, (tomorow is the deadline) and all of the sudden the sketch up crash and force me to close it, it was blank screen, all black.
i try reopen again and voila, still blank.

i noticed same problem occured in this topic

i desperately need help right now. i was remodeling right now, but if any of you guys can fix it, plpease let me know

here’s the model:

thank you very much :’’’’’’

Looks like you might be running into clipping. You can search for that later and read up on it. For now, set the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents.

It would help if you’d get rid of the copy of the building that’s situated more than a Kilometer above the ground plane, too.

you also have edges turned off, and a copy of the building floating in space…


how can you know if there’s a copy in my model? it is not blank anymore? whenever i open it, it just simply black

| S O L V E D |

i download my model from google warehouse in 2014 version, opened it in 2017 and it works :’’’’’’

i don’t know why, but i will search more about clipping later, and try to fix my “broken 2017 model”.
for now i have to finish the deadline first xD

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