My lines arent connecting

So it was a little bit tricky because the AutoCAD file headlines are over the place and I need it to make them flat. My flatning tool in auto cat wasn’t working so what I did was put it on Sketchup with a top parallel view to be able to make it flat. But now that I’m trying to connect the lines it’s not connecting even if everything it’s connected and I don’t understand why. Also the file is super vague and it takes a lot of space so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. It also seems like the lines are building below the main lines (if that makes any sense) it seems like i need to draw everything over the drawing for it to be able to work.

Here’s a plugin tool that might help flatten out the lines: Eneroth Flatten to Plane | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

This one might connect some lines: Edge Tools² | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

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Setting a view in SketchUp does nothing to the original geometry. As James says, you can use a flattening extension. Or you can export a 2D image from the top parallel view to DWG and import that back.