How to Polyline

Is there a way or even a plug in that creates polylines like in autocad? I mean those lines that never disconnect themselves like the lines we create with the skp pencil does?

Because Iam having a headache trying to make the cover of this roof…the easier way I think is to create something like the polylines and closing it

please help :pray: :pray:

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I’m sorry but your description doesn’t make much sense to me and your image isn’t helping.
Could you somehow show us what you are wanting to create.
Perhaps add your model as well.

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I want to create connected lines so they create a face

but with the traditional pencil line from skp they keep getting disconnected because they are not in the same level

Make a big rectangle and cut out the bits you don’t want.

it would be easier with some polyline plug in, but there isnt such a thing yet…wish I was a programmer.

I’m sure there is an easy way to do what you want, problem is I still don’t understand what it is that you want.
So I’ll bow out.

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So draw lines so they are on the same plane. They can’t make a face if they don’t outline a flat surface.

Whether lines are connected or not doesn’t matter as far as making a face is concerned, but if they are separated segments and you push pull the face you make, then you see the edges where the line segments touched.

You can get around that by selecting the line segments, right-clicking, and choose Weld Edges. Then all of the line segments select with one click anywhere.

The freehand tool has a modifier key. If you hold down the Shift key the line is drawn as a polyline. I’m unclear what use it has in SketchUp, but maybe it exports to DWG as a special kind of line.


Somewhat unrelated, but to the point of polylines in export being made here:

If sketchup polylines make it through the exporter to become polylines in autocad then thats nice. For the export generally all lines that meet edge to edge, when flattened for 2D export, should weld to polylines, and keep their grouping to become autocad blocks. That way one does not end up with the numerous small segment problem of the exported exploded dwg. Also: The logic in sketchup is to keep raw geometry untagged and tag the group. In autocad its usually not like that, but you can work just fine with that logic in autocad as well. If the flattened component ends up as blocks on the right layer, it will behave just fine, with colouring (and print settings through colouring) taken from the block, if the untagged geometry inside ends up on layer 0.

Thank you very much! It is what I am looking for! I didnt know about the weld function. Thanks! Thanks thanks!!

Now i just weld and use the make face plug in and Voila!

Weld done!

I don’t see how weld would make a difference to make faces.

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