Create profiles in SketchUp from AutoCAD polylines?



Newbie here…I am trying to create profiles in sketchup that can be push/pulled into 3d objects. I have imported polyline profiles from autocad, but the line work in sketchup seems to have ‘exploded’ these objects into its original line work. How do I unify the linework so that sketchup sees these lines as a connected plane for push/pull?


You could just simply close the geometry in SU by drawing a line from one end of the profile to the other. I believe that if you set up blocks in autocad they will come in as components in SU but you would still have to close the geometry in order to create a surface.


Thanks for the note back. My main concern is that I have exact curves in autocad that have been developed from 3D scan data from a jobsite. I could certainly trace over the straight lines, but it’s the curves and radial line work that I was hoping to use from the autocad import.


Yea I don’t think it should be a problem. I made a spline in autocad and imported it to SU. Then I drew a line to close the geometry. Can you upload your file that has the imported DWG?


I’ll give your suggestion a try, thank you. In the meanwhile, here’s the file that contains the line work imported from autocad. I also have to figure out how to spin the profile of the baluster you will see in the drawing into a circle (if you are so inclined to help me there too!

Bergen Country 3D profiles.skp (823.0 KB)


It works


Look up how to use the “Follow Me” tool.


Amazing…drawing only one line seems to have unified the shape and created a surface…thank you so much!!


no problem, here is the result of the “Follow Me” tool


Usually you can get the face if you trace one of the existing edge segments. You can draw a line across but then you need to erase it after the faces are created. If you trace an existing edge segment, you get to skip the erasure step.


fantastic, that you very much for the intro and the help


I’ve used this plugin to speed up the process after I import an architect’s work - although sometimes its faster just to draw lines…)


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