My images have a unwanted tile imprint


After designing a kitchen for work I rendered the image and it seems to have pulled the subway tiles i created onto the door panels of the cabinets. I have tried many things but no good outcome. please advise.


It’s difficult to help you without an image or a model of that problem…
Which Renderer?


sorry about that…


I am using SU Podium renderer.


I don’t know Podium, but maybe it’s a subdivision and displacement problem?


Sounds like a Podium issue…
BUT if you do a render in SketchUp what does it look like ?
If it’s the same then it’s a SketchUp solution… and then we might be able to help you…


I am trying to uninstall and reinstall sketch up now as i am unable to render for some reason…


My render button is missing any ideas about that? FML


A simple image export from SketchUp is a native ‘render’.
If your 3rd-party app [like Podium] adds a ‘Render’ button then that’s a separate issue…