PC compatibility with Sketchup Pro and renderings

Hi, I am taking a course at the New School to learn Sketchup for Interior design.
I was doing all right building my layout, walls, and adding furniture.
I am now having issues rendering. I am using SU Podium and also VRay.

I am wondering if the issue could be my PC. Sketchup Checkup confirmed it was ok.
However my PC is from 2015 with a processor: Inter Core M5-6Y54 CPU @ 1.10 GHZ and 1.50 GHZ
( it is a dual core i beleive). This was a very good processor at the time but it’s old now.
Any one knows if this is what is causing issues with rendering objects and lights?

Many Thanks!

What do you mean by issues? Do you have strange results or it takes too long to make a render?
With a processor from 2015 it’s normal to have long rendering times if you have a scene with a lot of geometry, lights and textures, if you used objects from the 3D warehouse you should replace them by proxys either using the proxy tool on vray to convert them to low poly objects or replace them with objects from the chaos cosmos library.

Maybe it’s ok for modeling but for rendering you’ll have to wait a lot of time, dual core wasn’t good for 3D rendering even in 2015, quad core was the best option back then.

Thank you for your response. Right now i have added lighting with SU podium and they are not rendering at all.

You could help us help you if you’d share your SketchUp file. I expect a solution would be straightforward if we could see exactly what you’ve modeled.

I started out using Podium on a 2012 MacBook Pro, so in principal the age of your machine isn’t necessarily a problem, but I’m not a Windows person and don’t know all the issues of video cards there.

I seem to remember struggling with getting a custom emitter to show up. Don’t remember the details, but the finished example is here. I think it’s easy to have issues with light sources, but daylight should be easy. First test would be to render any test subject with daylight if only just to make sure it works.

One big difference between Podium and V-Ray to be aware of is Podium doesn’t see or render SketchUp sections, but V-Ray will. One cheat for interiors with V-Ray is to cut a section, and just let daylight flood in. Sometimes is works out, sometimes not. Example of this cheat is here.

The creators of Podium have their own bulletin board too, so you might get more answers there.

Hi RTC Cool, Hi Dave, Hi Francis,
Thansk so much to you all for helping out! I In reading all your comments and watching some tutorials figured it out. i was not using the rendering manager properly. I do have one more question for you guys: which do you think is better for interior design: SU Podium or VRay?

Thanks so much

I don’t think one is any better than the other. I think it all depends on the way you use them.