Could nor render 3D Warehouse models in SU Podium V2


Load furnitures, appliances, and lighting into Sketchup but could not make it show up in the Rendering (using SU Podium V2). Could someone give me some pointers and directions.


can you show us a picture of the result? What do you mean could not render? they appeared like in the model (unrendered) or just didn’t show up?


First attachment - show what I have in the model.
Second attachment - after render with SU Podium

The plants and pots are not showing. I took out the appliances and drew in simple one.



Faces are sided. Are the missing elements modeled with the backside face facing outward?


Not sure, still new to Sketchup and SU Podium. Also the graphic on the ceiling top could not get it to look like before it render.


Usually backside faces result in a black texture. (if you mirror a grouping -1, it may also result in the texture just being pure black)

I can’t explain the missing plants though. Nor do I know what’s going on with the ceiling.

Try exploding the downloaded plants all the way to separate faces and edges again, regroup, and then render. Ceiling may be a texture issue.