My house from virtual to reality in videos

Here’s what I drew and gave to the architect and builder

Here’s the house as of a few days ago

There have been a few minor changes since I did the SketchUp. The washer/dryer are moved to the other side of the mud room, and the second bedroom will have a door to the bathroom behind it. Overall, the SketchUp I put together was a big help in building the house in such a remote location, Middle Caicos, while I’m thousands of miles away. I visited the house for the first time last week, now I’m back in Chicago, looking forward to it being completed in a few months so I can move in.


Wow, how cool is that! Looks very nice! Must be amazing to see it go from your drawing to a real house, congrats!

Thanks! My wife and I have had all kinds of problems building in another country on a remote island, but it’s great to actually be moving forward now. They just started hanging drywall a couple days ago. We’re picking out tiles and light fixtures tonight, which is finally making it fun. We can’t wait to move in, a dream come true.

Haha, epic! Good luck on the build and move!

Thanks, most people think I’m crazy. I like epic. Ha.

This is so wonderful! Good job and best of luck to you and your wife! :blush: :thumbsup:

I want to know how to buy the next block over. - it’s Mudjin Harbour on Middle Cacios, there are about 168 people on the island, soon to be 170 :grinning:

You should get the next block for Box and you’ll get lifetime inhouse SketchUp support in return I would bet…

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Soon to be 172, get the coffee on.

Love the T n C’s, spent the last 25 years at sea and in all honesty the only place I know that could rival it in my mind as a place to call home are the Azores. The pacific of the Atlantic.

It’s always good to see a real persons model go from brain to reality. Christen her well when the time comes.

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Thanks guys

Cotty – I’ll be broke and hopefully happy once this build is over. I wish I could buy more lots!

Box – Grab your fishing rod and meet me down there, looking forward to you becoming a neighbor.


Thank you for sharing. There’ll be some spectacular views during hurricane seasones.
I also watched the video on Dragon Cay with the waves and the spray blowing over the rocks, somewhat reminding me of where I grew up, … Aruba.
I seem to notice a (reinforced?) concrete ring just below the roof structure, … > hurricane proof.

I hope you’ll be able to spend many good years in/at/around your new home and on its porch.

Yes, the waves can crash over Dragon Cay on wavy days, which provides us protection

And some days it’s calm as glass.

There is an over engineered ring, belting beam, below the roof, along with an over engineered foundation with 6" centered steel reinforcement in 6000psi concrete that connect to the belting beam through the cinder block outer walls. The house is built on a sand dune 100ft from the water. That required not disturbing the sand while the cistern was dug in the low part of the land, and the foundation basically cups the sand to prevent movement. It’s like the idea of taking a cup up side down and pushing it into the sand creating a sold base. I’m not an engineer (my background is in computer science), but I’m glad to be working with an experienced engineer that understands how to do this. It should be sold in a hurricane, but let’s hope we never see one.

Aruba is also a beautiful place, I bet it was a wonderful place to grow up.

So what do you think, maybe these lights around the porch? There will be two on the side where the master bedroom is, and two more on the side with the living room, on different switches.
I’m thinking the full brass with seedy glass and a Verdi Gras patina which should wear well with the salt spray…?

I think they 'll look great in their new environment, the porch located near the seashore.
As for the bulbs, I would go for appropriate dimmable LED bulbs, at least the equivalent of the “ancient” ordinary light bulbs (75 Watt as shown). But of course with warm color temperature, max 2700K ( warm white).

Light bulbs?? Umm, no. This type of house requires tiki torches! :smiley:

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The island has power, Internet?

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Hence the electrical wiring inside the house.

Did not know if they generated their own power or not.

Great job, and a lot of detail. Did you draw it all from scratch without and Plugins?

This is nice work! Did you know you can enable “scene transitions” and set the time to “0” (zero) so that your animation flows from scene to scene without stopping? Here’s an example of one I’ve done in the past.

Best wishes,