My files says file size is 0KB. ~ file is hours old

Layout 2021 has been doing this since I updated.

I’ll be working in a file, save and close it, then go back later and the ‘main’ file size is 0KB. I can open the ‘backup’ ~ file, but it is always at least an hour old, usually more. I can’t very well pass this cost onto clients, so I am eating billable hours because my file is suddenly ‘empty’, and won’t open. Does anyone know why this is happening?

Are you saving “to the cloud”?

Hi thanks for your reply!

I run the office on our physical server, and keep the firmware up to date religiously. Is this a server problem? If so, thanks. I’ll call Buffalo and find out what the heck.

What happens if the file is saved on a local drive (not on the server)?