Failed to open document bug

Hi there! I’m receiving this message everytime I tried to open my file or the backup file. The file isn’t that large, I have other files 5 times more larges that I operate with no problem. Can someone help me?

I uploaded the file in a WeTransfer link: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

It doesn’t depend on the file size, there are some reasons that can cause a file to get corrupted, it’s known that working on a file from an external device or the cloud has a high probability to get your file corrupted. I’m not on my PC right now, maybe @colin can check if your file can be recovered.

Some of the file is filled with zeros, I can’t recover anything from it. Can I try the SKB file as well?


Unfortunately, that one is the same.

So there’s really nothing I can do? :tired_face:
Omg, been working on this for weeks and out of nothing this happens :sob:

Any tips so it can’t happen again?

One thing you can do is publish your models to Trimble Connect, and update that published model. Then you get a history feature, of each version of the model that you published.

Or, come up with a regular computer way of having backups. On my Mac I have a back up for every hour in the last day, and every day in the last month. If a file did get corrupted I can go back an hour at a time until I find a version that was ok. I think that Windows has a History feature that does a similar thing.

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