Failed to open document- need help

Can anyone help with a file that fails to open?

Thanks for the post @make01 and sorry to hear that you are having difficulty opening your file. I don’t have the tools to recover your file on my laptop nor do I have the skill to use them but @colin might be able to assist you so I have used the @ command to try and get his attention.

In case the file is not recoverable, do you have a .skb you can share with us?

Try this file.

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Amazing - thank you so much!

After you open the file Colin recovered for you, you should give it a cleaning. Make Untagged active (and leave it active) and fix the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_9_2024 , 10_07_04 AM
Check to see if all the components are in place in the model and purge the unused ones. Sometimes when Colin recovers files there are components missing from the model space. I just purged unused without know if there are any that should be in the model space, though. If they are truly supposed to be unused, there’s a lot of hoarding creating file bloat.
Screenshot - 5_9_2024 , 10_07_24 AM
That cleanup reduced the file size by 80%.

It would be a good idea to deal with the exposed back faces, too. You should see any blue faces when in the Monochrome face style.

coliiinn help, ayuda un mi archivo no abre ayudame es vida o muerte

If you put your file online somewhere that I can download it, I can try to open the file.

a que correo te lo mando para que podas abrirlo

Your file opened for me in SketchUp 2024. Maybe it’s time for you to upgrade from 2022.

Your file is very huge so it’s not surprising that you’re having trouble with it.

I did my usual cleanup:

Fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 5_9_2024 , 10_47_40 AM

Purged unused.
Screenshot - 5_9_2024 , 10_51_00 AM

You have some furniture piece like the bench that ought to have the edges softened.
Screenshot - 5_9_2024 , 10_51_11 AM
There are also exposed back faces (in blue) that should be corrected especially if you plan to make renders of the model. The handbags you can see in my first screenshot are an example.

The cleanup I did reduce the file by 41% but your extremely huge entourage is still bloating the file.