Unexpected file format pleaseee

Hey! I really need help.
I tried opening a file and the “Unexpected File Formart” error appears, I tried to change the file name and format, but i can´t open it…

Where have you saved the file that you are trying to open? Have you saved anything to Trimble? Can you attach a skp or skb file in a reply to this comment? If you give more information, someone should be able to help you.

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You will surely be helped by anyone on this forum but without the file it’s going to be impossible to know what’s the issue. If the file is corrupted there’s a chance that @colin can recover everything or at least part of it if it’s not filled with zeros.

If you were working on a file on the cloud or in an external device like a usb memory, external storage or server you are playing with fire, there’s a high probability to corrupt a file that way. There are people that have done that for a long time and never had any issues but it’s like russian roulette at some point you will run out of luck.

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Can you put the file online somewhere so we can try to recover it? You can use a web site such as wetransfer.com to upload the file. Note that you don’t have to sign up with wetransfer in order to send a file. Also, when you have dragged your file onto the browser window, click on the blue dots to change the settings from needing an email address, to getting a link. Then reply here with the link you are given.

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Yeah, I got “this does not appear to be a SketchUp model.” Maybe @Colin can help.

I did try to rescue something from the file, but wasn’t able to get anything.

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