My file got error after my pc suddenly shut down

I was modelling 3d file this morning and my pc suddenly shut down due to ups error.After restart,this skp file lost thumbnail photo and when i opened it,it produced bug splat.When opeining other skp files,it is ok.Only this file got crashed and I cant open skb file too after changing skp file extension.Help me please i have to submit 3d soon and i dont have any backup for the file.
Here my file link…

I tried several times to access your file but couldn’t even get the page to open to download it.

What version of SketchUp are you really using? The Free Plan’" your file indicates is a web based version for hobby use. It wouldn’t have a .skb backup copy and it’s unlikely that you UPS problem would corrupt the file. If you’re using SketchUp 2023 Pro, zip the .skp file. How much smaller is the .zip file than the .skp?

Why didn’t you put Pro in your forum profile? Please correct that.

That indicates your file is nearly all zeroes and there’ll be nothing to recover. What happens with the .skb when you zip that?

I am using Sketchup 2023 pro and when I zipped file it reduced from 19.9 MB to 19.9 KB.
The error starts after I restart the PC so I thought may be it was due to sudden shut down .
Here is Dropbox link for my file .Thank you so much

Skb file is reduced from 19.9MB to 5.79 MB

Not as bad but still fatal. It shouldn’t compress more than about 3% or so when zipped. I’m afraid there’s nothing to do but start over.

Where were you saving the file as you were working on it? Since you have a subscription to SketchUp Pro you should take advantage of your Trimble Connect storage. In addition to saving your files on your internal drive, publish them to Trimble Connect so you have a backup file that isn’t on your computer.

Is there a chance to recover or no chance at all?
It also show white thumbnail on recent file too.
It is second time I lost skp file and I don’t know what is causing it. First time I got back up from skb and now skb is gone too.
I always save file on local disk.

No chance ,unfortunately. When your computer corrupts the data that badly there’s really nothing that can be done. As I said, take advantage of your Trimble Connect storage and publish your files there so you have backups. Each time you publish to Trimble Connect you’ll actually create an incremental save of the file. This means you could go back to an earlier stage of the model if needed.

I guess I would also look into working out a more stable power supply for your computer. If the UPS isn’t dependable, replace it. How old is the UPS and when was the battery last replaced? Those batteries don’t last forever.

Thank you for your time.Sadly, I have to replace ups and have to start from 0 :cry:

IT’s unfortunate but going forward things should be better.