My Display Screen Has Disappeared

I seem to have managed to move my SketchUp display off the visible area of the screen and cannot recover it. Please help.

I was minimizing and moving several windows around and it seems I might have moved the window with SU in it off the screen. The icon continues to display at the bottom of my screen and if I click it, I can see the SketchUp instances that are active as thumbnail popups but I cannot see the active screen or any of the inactive screens if I try to select them. I could not end the program except by using Task Manager to kill the process. On restarting, the same thing happens. I have no clue how to reset SU except by uninstalling and reinstalling. When I was trying to recover and killed the process, I got a Bug Splat notice and sent it.

I thought that I would ask here before going to those lengths.

I’ll be much obliged for any assistance.

Click the icon in the taskbar to ensure that the program has focus. Then hold down the Windows key and press the right-arrow a few times. That should move the window across your screens and eventually bring it back onto the screen that is still active.

Thank you - yet again - Dave!!!

That worked a treat. In the 30+ years that I’ve used a PC at home, I’ve never made a window disappear before. It’s good to know how to recover.