My difficulty in copying and moving

Please take into account my learn as you go effort with making a GIF , there are times when I get mixed up between the recording window and the SU interface.
You will see that I am trying to place and end rail between two sets of legs which works fine and then I try to copy that piece to the other end and have trouble snapping it into place, after final placement I end up being able to see parts of the legs instead of the end rail ( on the first end rail the rail covers the legs as I would like to make it).

As I move the copied rail I make things difficult by pushing the rail away from myself, should I stop moving and then orbit the view ?

It appears I am doing things the hard way.

Would like some help on doing this easier

Edit: somehow I can only save my gif as an image


One thing you can do that makes it easier is to grab the rail by a corner that will be placed corresponding to a point at the destination. So, using your image, above, and assuming you drew the rail on the left, first, grab the rail at the upper front right corner and move it to the upper right front corner of the right leg.


■■■■ !
you make it look so easy :confused:
How do you save the GIF without it becoming an image, the GIF works locally but when I insert it becomes a pic.

Sorry. Next Time I’ll try to make it harder. :smiley:

I did forget to tell you that you have to be holding your tongue just right when you do this. :wink:

What if you click on the Upload button (7th from the left in the row of buttons starting with the speech bubble, and upload it through there?

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Now your GIF works. Go back to my reply and watch my GIF. And you’ll find it easier to orbit before doing it.

Just used the tip about grabbing the component at the corner and it worked a treat,I also changed the orbit as you did
I will go to work a happy man today :joy:

Thank you very much


Good for you. Hopefully work is good, too.

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