A question on aligning when moving

I have a plate with a hole in it and a beam at 90 to that with a hole in it to receive a bolt through the plate and into the beam. When I select move and select the hole on the plate (side to mate with beam) and then try to select the hole in the beam the plate moves with the cursor and end up getting in the view of the beams hole so i cant select it. I have googled everything I can think of but none have an answer of how to anchor the object so it doesnt move with the cursor. Or does this not happen in SU? Maybe Im just trying to liken this program to much with Fusion 360. I simply would like to select point 1 (tool to move/align) and select point 2 (target point to move/align to), no need for object movement during that process until 2 nd selection and the snap tp point happens.

I expect the solution is actually simple but without seeing your SKP file, it’s not so easy to describe. Could you share it?

Im sure it is. If that link is correct when you open it its the end holes in the beam to align to the slots/holes in the plate. Really just would like to know how to make object anchor or not move when moving cursor to select next point.

I get the impression that you are expecting one selected point on the part to jump to a second selected point on the other part at the time you click the second part. The Move tool doesn’t work that way. The selected part will move after you’ve grabbed it with the Move tool.

It would be a heckuva lot easier to make the required moves if your model was aligned to the axes. It doesn’t have to be but it’s easier when you’re learning how.

I was going to type out a detailed description but it would be a whole lot easier to show you if you want to see it.

If you wouldn’t mind. I am fairly decent at 360 and very little exp with SU. Seems though openbuild prefers SU for their models so I guess Im about to learn SU also. Just out of curiosity will SU export a model in STEP format?

Check your PMs

Think you have to make a GROUP of the part your moving or things get weird . . . . Had that problem with letters in a plate and I wanted to move it . .

That doesn’t apply here, Lynne, and it isn’t a requirement, anyway.

Okay . . So how do you move a part with letters cur in to it . . ?

As with anything else, select everything that needs to get moved and then move it.