Beginner question- Moving components onto each other

Hi, the topic label really doesn’t describe where I need assistance. Here is my problem/question:

I’m drawing a room and I’m installing cabinets into this room. The way I’m going about it is that I designed the room and drew it out. So, I have walls and a window. Separately I drew a base cabinet for a shelving unit that I’m building. Since now I have the base complete, I’m trying to move it into position in the room against the walls, and I am bouncing all around and cannot get it to be aligned in the right spot. So, my question is this the best way of doing this drawing? Or should I design and draw the shelving unit as part of the wall assembly? Not sure if I am explaining this correctly. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

I can share my drawing if it would be easier to understand. Thanks

When you are moving the object, grab it with the cursor at a point that has a destination in the model space. Grab it by a back bottom corner and move it to the corner of the walls or set out guidelines to identify where the corner of the cabinet needs to go. Use what you’ve modeled as reference for where you need to place other objects.

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By the way, make sure you have Length Snapping turned off in Model Info>Units. If it’s turned on precise movements of objects can be difficult.

Dave, Thanks for the guidance and the assistance. I think turning off the Snapping really helped. Thanks as always for responding to my questions so quickly. Regards, Joe

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Good deal. And you’re quite welcome.

I would recommend that you make a custom template that has units set up appropriately for the way you will work. My suggestion is to set Display Precision as high as it will go for the units you are working in. This will make it easier to identify small errors if they occur so you can fix them before they become a problem. Of course turn off Length Snapping too. Edit the styly if you would prefer it to be different and then use File>Save as template to save it. That way you won’t have to make the same settings for every model.

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