How do i move a wall and have the modlings stay attached

I am a novice so be gentle with me.
I am trying to build a bathroom layout that will serve as a template for future designs
In my template I have baseboard wrapping the perimeter
My hope was that i could resize the room and the moldings would follow along
What seems to be happening is that the molding is now integral to the wall and when i go to move the wall, the baseboard molding stays in place and i get a nice shelf between the top of the molding and the wall
Thanks in advance for any guidance

Since you’ve drawn the molding as part of the wall, select the wall and the molding and use the Move tool to move it all together. You’ll probably find that setting the camera to Parallel Projection and using a top view will make it easiest to select what needs to be moved. Then use a left to right selection box to select the wall and the molding and move it the required distance with the Move tool.

Wow that was fast
Thanks Dave that worked
here is another question, is there a way to pin objects to a wall so they move with the wall, like towel bars or TP holders, or is it the same approach to marque select and move

I poked around on your website, VERY impressive.
I am very new to Sketchup but am becoming a BIG fan.

Glad that helped. Sorry this answer’s not as fast in coming. I had to walk the dogs.

You could make these objects as components that have gluing attributes and they will stick to the wall even if you move it.

Before you get too far into that stuff, though, I would recommend getting very familiar with the basics.

Thank you.