New to Sketchup and would appreciate some help

I am very new to sketchup just been using it for 2 days now. Im drawing a plot of land and trying to add a fence to the plot. I made the fence but when I move it over the plot, it seems that half of the fence goes under the surface or the plot. How do i change so it stays on top of the plot instead?

Apologies if I am not asking in the write place or format. A screenshot of what im describing attached. Thank you very much.

My guess would be you have just grabbed the fence randomly and tried to move it, the first part of the gif.
But you should grab it by a specific point and place it on the surface, the second part of the gif.
GIF 22-12-2021 2-54-16 PM


That was the issue. Thank you so much for the quick and detailed explanation.

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Good luck!