2 instances of boundary boxes

Is this a normal operation ? Quite often I get myself all muddled up moving components around and I think this is part of the reason why.
What have I done wrong to get these boundary boxes ( I think that is the correct term) to move around like that with the zoom function ?

Thanks in advance

Can you upload the SKP file for that? It looks like you’ve got something strange going on with your components.

Hi Dave
It appears I have 2 SKP for this , one is appended with the tilde,I will upload both

end panel.skp (37.4 KB)
end panel.skp (166.3 KB)

The smaller first file looks more like what you show in your GIF but something is goofy with yours. The axis orientation is different than what the uploaded file shows. I’m unable to reproduce what you are showing, too. I suspect you’ve got a graphics issue accounting for the double image. I’d try quitting SketchUp and restarting it to see if it returns. Also check to see if other models show that.

I notice in the files you uploaded, those posts are still both loose geometry wrapped in a single container.

thanks Dave
does loose geometry wrapped in a single container mean lack of making components ?

Well, no. Not exactly. But the one component you have contains the geometry of both legs. You should make a component of the geometry for one leg and then copy that. I’ve done that in the front in the animation. Yours is in the background.

Ahh, great explanation, is better for me to see what is happening :slight_smile:
Do you have any idea of what I am doing wrong to end up with geometry like that ? I seem to screw this up regularly but am not sure exactly of where i am going wrong

I expect you are making the component of the first leg and then opening it for editing, selecting the geometry and copying that. Something like this:

I’ve seen others do the same thing.

The correct way would be like this:

Thanks again Dave, btw how do you draw the beginning of that leg ? I start with a square and use push/pull to create the rebate

In the example, I just deleted the geometry above the bottom face so I had some place to start. Generally when I’m drawing a model, I draw the parts in place without any joinery and then I’d cut things like those rebates afterward. I’d either draw the square or rectangle on the top and push it down or I’d draw a vertical line on one side and push it in. It depends on what makes the most sense and is the easiest to do based on what is visible in the model. You can see that idea in the video I shared. I didn’t draw in the rebates on the top and bottom panels of the case until I had the sides drawn. Then I was able to use the side as a reference for the dimensions of the rebate. In a way it’s like offering up the tail board to the pin board when laying out the pins for dovetails.

Thanks again, i am slowly getting there thanks to your help

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