Confusing .skp?

I finally have a little time to bounce around in SU. I have downloaded an .skp file from a woodworking site and I find it a bit confusing to navigate and would like to know if anyone else finds it the same or it’s just me, the file is offered freely so there are no ownership issues or anything like that.
Would you mind having a look at it and giving me your thoughts
Folding campfire seat.skp (152.3 KB)

Hi Geoff,

Long time, no see.

Well, other than the model being strung out along the red axis which isn’t especially efficient, I’m not seeing any issues with navigating around it. The author could have created scenes for each of those “views”. Can you describe what is confusing?

It wouldn’t hurt to correct the axis orientation on the stretchers and to give the components useful names but for free…

Hi dave
Yes it has been awhile, I have reverted back to driving trucks (living away all week).
I found the layout to be kind of spread out a long way and in the ‘Outliner’ box everything is just called a component.
Relating to those components, when I select say Component 1 it highlights the part in one picture but yet the same part in a different view is not highlighted.
It seems to me that a lot of the components listed in the Outliner are redundant, the project itself is 12 parts excluding dowels but in Outliner there are many more, is that normal operation.
I don’t understand the groups in Outliner either.
I hope I explained myself ok

That would keep you out of the shop, too.

Yeah. You could rework the model to get rid of most of the copies to make it suitable.

I saw that. Makes it difficult to know what each part is. You can select the parts and rename them in Entity Info so they make sense.

Selecting a component in Outliner is like selecting the component in the model space. It only highlights the one you select. If you want to highlight more than one you need to select more than one.

They are redundant in the model space, too.

The groups are nests containing components in the folded version of the stool. Here I’ve already renamed the parts and I expanded the groups to show the components they contain.

Thanks very much Dave
that helps a lot, at a first glance for a simple little stool it looked overwhelming to me. Now that you have explained it I don’t feel so dumb
Thanks for your help

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