Editing model from the Outliner, another aspect

Hello All, … just came across this and thought it was very cool. Things keep popping up everyday that this thing can do. Makes me wonder who really knows its true limits??? Anyhow… it`s another option to edit or adding objects in the model. This is done INSIDE the OUTLINER and not with the move // copy tool. This shows a stair case and the support post are the key pieces. It is something that I have not seen done before and also give some insight of finding out what are the full functionality of ALL the properties in all the dialog drop downs. If you where working on street lamps or parking meters, many copies of a single component but required minor tweaks to certain ones. Just something to share and finding multiple ways of completing the same tasks. So learning the tools is just one thing, how say the entity info, layers, scenes and all the others play together and support each other is just as important. …Peace…

Example Outliner editing.skp (359.6 KB)


This is very helpful info. Even though I consider myself a skilled SketchUp modeler, I see that there is always more that can be learned. Thanks for offering this insight.

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Thanks chief!! I myself am a newbie and it is my first like. More important is the chance to offer something BACK to the pile for a change. Depending on the selected components order in the list determines were the group is placed. Take care and back at it!!

I didn’t try it, but from the images it looks like you used components for the steps and moved the bars with drag and drop in one of them, so all instances are changed…

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

One question in the first step you did rotate copy of thread. So I understand how to do it in 2d dimension with rotate tool, but how did you do it in 3d dimension?

Hello MHD, I think you want to see this:

I drew a tread on red axes ground plane, push/pulled to height.
Made it a component and used rotate w/Ctrl to make a rotated copy of 30*
Then with move tool lift in blue axes to height.

I think you are wondering about how they spiral?? SU will inference to the point you want to rotate from…So I placed the compass on the ground plane origin again setting my first click in the red direction. Then even though the second tread is now off the ground plane I just click the inside point on the second tread and SU automatically will grab it. Check out the “Infrenceing” videos and how move and push/pull work with it, though all the tools benefit from this feature. AND SO WILL YOU!! Then do a 30 degree copy / rotate. Move it up to your needed height and so-on as many time that you need.

*** I had also tried to do all of the copies on the ground plane and then tried like hell to place each one were I thought it should go. Spiraling upward in progression, I wanted to pull my hair out. I think that is your question, how to get them to spiral in the upward direction but uniformly?? CORRECT?? SketchUp will inference to any point, edge or face with what ever tool you are using. Take the time to investigate with the videos and I spent 6 months with them. I learn something new everyday and only now growing.
Just add a reply if you need any thing else …Peace…

Hello!! I just drew them in on the first tread and selected them both to the same group ( the posts). Then with them un-selected in the model, I used the cursor to select - click on the word group in the Outliner. This is what /how I highlighted them and produces the “sliding selection bar” (???) for lack of better term. Moving the curser while selected moves it and were you stop determines the exact placement of the group in the model.