Converting to .dwg

Hi, I made a drawing of components of a cabinet that I would like to give to a CNC milling company to have them produce the components. I am an amateur working with Sketchup Free, not looking to make this into a business or anything. Is there someone who can help me with the conversion? The milling guy said he needs .dwg or .dxf. Never worked with Autocad myself, Sketchup learning curve was steep enough :slight_smile: kastje2 (1).skp (415.2 KB)

I will be forever grateful.

Sorry about not being able to help with the *.dwg or *.dxf

What is the loose geometry doing in your component (2 instances) " side#1 "?
Also be aware that you currently have two identical sides#1 while in reality you need a side#1 left and a side#1 right. Right?

Your components also need to be SketchUp Solids.

You are right, i need two mirror-imaged sides, I will fix that. What do you mean with ‘loose geometry’? Are you referring to the three holes/circles? Thank you so much for trouble-shooting, this is incredibly helpful!

Use X-Ray mode to see inside the two identical “side#1” components.
I don’t mean the cicular holes. There are some loose edges that need to be deleted.

Also, some components (shelves) are wrapped in a second component container (nested for no reason), preventing the shelves from being solid components.
And the little skewed components contain an extra component next to their basic geometry inside.
A SketchUp Solid is like a water tight skin, no extra loose entities floating around inside the component wrapper.