How do I fix this? (see photo)

Somehow the top of the wall facing you needs to shift a few inches to the right to line up with the right wall. Hard to tell from photo, but the right wall and left wall are straight. And three corners of the flat wall are straight. I just need to grab the top right corner of the flat wall and move it to line up with the wall next to it. Hope all that makes sense. And there’s no thickness to that so I can not figure out how to move only that corner. I have no idea how I even did that. I’m still pretty much a novice, so hoping there’s an easy way or a plugin I can utilize. I’m away from my computer so can’t share the file, for a few days anyhow, so hoping this picture is enough. Thanks so much.

One more photo I captured - you can see, hopefully, that top corner just needs to be pulled down and over. Just a liiiiitle bit! Ugh.

You can use the move tool to grab that corner (vertex) with nothing else selected and move to the desired position.
Of course it’s hard to be certain without the model.


I tried that but I can’t seem to grab just the corner - any attempt also selects the horizontal or vertical wall that connects to it, thus moving that whole line, and part of the wall, to the right. Hope that makes sense. How can I grab just the corner vertex? I’m sure I’m just not doing something quite right. Thanks!

It should look something like this:
Move vertex

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Well that looks embarrassingly simple. I swear I tried that! First chance I get I’ll give it another try. Thanks for taking the time to share that. Big help!

You may need to try “alt” for autofold too. Not sure how you have things grouped.

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That did it. I had a few minutes this morning and gave this a try - still didn’t work at first, but I noticed that the vertical line was dashed blue - I didn’t even know what that meant. But somehow “soft” was checked under entity info. I unchecked that and was able to easily slide it into place. Thank you so much! I know it’s probably an elementary issue, but I really have learned a lot on this first “big” project.

Curious - do new users ever share projects on here for feedback and suggestions? If so I might do that when I’m done. I’d like to get better and would be curious to see how some of the veterans here would have attacked this project. I have a few more things I’d like to do next, but I’m sure they can be much less painful that this has been. Thanks again.

You certainly can and may if you like. Some people can’t or don’t want to share their work for proprietary or personal reasons, but if you don’t mind the world having a copy of your work, you’re welcome to. Big files are a problem, but a cloud service can deal with that.

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