My Computer or Sketchup Imploding?

I’m drawing a molding in SU Pro Version 23.0.418 then sending to LO 23.0.418 so I can have a cutter machined. Note that I’m running Mac Monterey 12.7.2 on a 2015 machine and can’t use later versions.

My workflow:
Castle Door Molding.layout (107.9 KB)
Castle Door Molding.skp (15.7 KB)

-Draw orthogonal lines
-using either Guide Line or Line Tools, click, drag, then type in and enter a fractional measurement to box in the molding
-Fill in the molding using either Line or Arc tool as appropriate
-Save and send to Lay Out

-Dimension in Layout

As you can see, the measurements don’t add up. If you add the chains, the smaller measurements make a molding that’s 1 27/64 wide (3/8 + 1/16 + 15/32 + 15/64 + 1/16 + 7/32), not 1 7/32, it’s 91/64, off by 13/64. 13/16 tall doesn’t add up to 1/8 + 7/32 + 15/32 + 17/64 = 69/64 = 1 5/64.

¿Am I drawing the accurate way, by click/ drag/ typing in the numbers and pressing enter?

I could see an error of 1/64 per dimension max if I was drawing freehand, but these errors are larger.

Also, when I measure lines that way by entering numbers in SU, sometimes I get a huge error— like a 1/4" line when I’m attempting a 7/32" one.

Go to Model info> units and disable length snapping

Cool, RLGL, that helps with the snapping issue.

Any ideas for the issue of measurements not adding up in LO?

For the moment, my workaround is to convert all my measurements to 64ths, open a metric template and enter them in mm instead of 64ths, then scale to final size in inches. It seems to be working well. I thought the model info panel was in preferences (not sure why its not) and thought it had been eliminated. Had I found it, I would have entered my measurements directly.

Maybe set your display precision to 1/64. That way you’ll notice errors more easily.
And enter the dimensions you need instead of trying to eyeball it!