Finding length of curved lines on a mac

I’m not able to find the length of these line segments. Any help?
I will upload the file.
Thank youWall dimensions~.layout (10.2 KB)

There isn’t a way to measure them in LO but you could export as a DWG file which you could then import into SketchUp to measure.

I have the SU file. But the issue is I’m not able to determine by selecting and checking entity. The measurements are not consistent.
when I use the label tool it also measures the curved line length inconsistently.

Could you share the SKP file?

curved entry wall.skp (148.0 KB)

There’s something odd about the way that proposed wall is drawn. I had to redraw the short curved section to be able to get the length of the arc. I also increased the precision to get more accurate dimensions.

I’ve been awake for about 19 hours so I’m probably not sharp enough to tell what’s wrong with your model as it was drawn. I’ll look again in the morning.

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Thanks. I’ll look at it again too.

It’s really annoying. Straight lines are fine, but the curves are not accurate. Is it something about working off a radius? Anyway I find it annoying as a segment should be a segment. I’ve tried grouping and ungrouping.
I’ll look at it again in the morning, too.

Why do you think the length is not accurate? I measured the angle between end points on the short 7’ wall and got ~13.6°. The radius shows as ~33’ 7-25/32". (I could have increased the precision of the angle measurement a little and did increase the precision of the length measurements to 64ths of an inch but didn’t because my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.) Using those values, I calculated the length of the arc at 7.986953907’ Changing units to decimal feet, it shows the length as 7.966138’, a difference of about 15/64". I expect with higher precision on the radius and angle between points one could reduce the difference. Oh, and of course in my calculations, Pi was rounded off to 9 places beyond the decimal.

By the way, I figured out the weird thing I was seeing. You have raw geometry and a group in the same location so edges are doubled up.

ETA: With angle precision increased to 3 places beyond the decimal and using decimal inches with six places beyond the decimal, I calculated the fraction of an inch longer than 7’ 11" as 0.59545684". SketchUp shows it as 0.593659". For a project of this size, I’d say it’s pretty darn close.

What method did you use to determine the length is inaccurate?