My cocktail glasses have weird look

Weird, isn’t it? Glass cube from same material looks great, cocktails also, but what’s wrong? Using vray.

Unfortunately i don’t have/use Vray, but i might have had a simular issue with Twilightrender.

First guess: did you add the glas material on both faces/inside and outside?
Second guess: How did you fill the glas with juice? maybe the juice face (inside the glas) in combination with the glas face act like a mirror?

I could keep on guessing, butt it’s hard to determine without the model & vray :innocent:

PS still a nice render :+1:

Strange, I just separated glass from cocktail, then put it back, and it worked!

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I don’t believe you, send proof! :wink:
Nah, just curious how it looks now, could you share a screenshot?

Haha, sure! Its still rendering…

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Ah, indeed a huge difference, i can see the juice inside the glas now.
Looks nice :+1:

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I tried getting rid of the juice and now all looks weird😃

Did you use Solid Tools at all? I’ve noticed if you use one solid to subtract from another and they are pre-textured, the Remainder ends up inheriting the texture of the cutting faces from the cutting object. So, for example, if the liquid started as a cylinder and you used the glass to cut it to fit the glass, the liquid would inherit the glass’s texture. More often then not, I don’t want that.

Thanks for advice, looking forward to use those solid tools! In this project I was not creating those cocktails, just took them from 3dwarehouse.
But i figured out its depends how you apply the material - it differs if you use paint bucket tool or you use menu from materials section… isn’t strange?

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Final result…

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