My app keeps shutting down

Hello few days ago I downloaded the sketch app 2022 pro on my Macbook pro 16’’ and keeps shutting down every few minutes. Says it has produced a bug splat. The file is not even heavy. I tried sending reports but nothing happens

Hi @alexandra.vieem94, thanks for the post. It is not possible for us to help you without more information. Can you let me know what version of the Mac operating system you are using? Also, if you are using the Pro plan, is there a reason you are not running the latest version of SketchUp?

Hey @CaseyG thanks for the reply! Apple M1 Pro on macOS Sonoma version 14.1.2.
I had the app previously but bought the plan this week, probably that’s why. You think downloading a latest version might help?

it will, Colin mentions it several times around here these last few month, 22 had crash issues with sonoma that 23 doesn’t have. It might crash once, then you’re fine.

But whatever you do, don’t update sonoma to 14.3
That one breaks something in the material panel that crashes SU every time you use it. Unless you’re a special case, you should be fine with 14.1
(If apple doesn’t fix their change, then SU24 should. but it’s not out yet.)


thanks @ateliernab ! I downloaded the 23 and I managed to open it and yet hasn’t shown any issues! Made my day, cheers:)