My Abacus live component

The abacus in 100% live component!
No import of geometry, everything is modeled in nodes!
The balls are made by joining copied polylines and then a loft.
Parameters of the number of faces, rounding radius and number of rounding facets, colors…


graph link : Trimble Creator

3dWarehouse link :


Hah! This is clever!

I wonder if you can make it turn a number into an abacus representation of the number… Something like:

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I am challenged! :smiley:
I will try ! I haven’t used all the math nodes yet

Dynamic abacus from 0 to 9999 :partying_face: :


3dWareHouse link


You can use a computer to simulate an abacus, but you can’t use an abacus to simulate a computer :rofl:




I love it!

Great work.

Thanks !
There are still plenty of nodes that I don’t know what they’re for or how to configure them.
for example :
I create a “vector list” node how to link it to “set item vector list”
to have a dynamic list? and after using the get item list using the iterator node of a loop
I use the switch, for the ball color, but it only has four inputs, how do we do if we want more?

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Hello my friend Simon
still in the starting blocks for a challenge :wink:
it’s cool i love it :+1:

New version with a double nested loop and a conditional switch for colors.


When the quality of the balls is maximum, the number change is much less fluid!
Is there a remedy to keep the fluidity, or are we condemned to think about optimizing the number of edges, or is there a node to delay the calculation while the parameter cursor is not fixed ?

Graph link Trimble Creator
3dWareHouse link


Hi Sim,

I think we have just the thing you are after:

Ephemeral ball state: Trimble Creator

Network change:

The graph can be set to an ephemeral state. The sliders in Creator (and in SketchUp configuration) do this on drag automatically. The ephemeral node detects this state and we can use this node to switch to a lower poly sphere on drag.

I’d always recommend optimizing a model to be as fast as possible in addition to ephemeral optimizations though!


It works from Thunder !
I try with the graphe Fence wire mesh - Ephemeral

That’s cool, thanks for the tip!