My 3d model is 'floating'. How can i reduce the shadow's distance?

I have a photomatched background, other models are working fine, but this one just floats and i cant even see the shadow sometimes. Could someone help me?

Probably. If you share the model so we can see what you are working with.

it’s the ‘kelly-bed’

Are you talking about this bed from the 3D Warehouse? It seems to work fine as far as shadows are concerned.

Just a WAG but I’m guessing you positioned the model incorrectly relative to the ground plane in your project. Can’t tell anything for sure without seeing yours.

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Yes, it looks fine like this, but after putting the bed to its place on my picture, the shadow is already far away. when i match the shadow, the bed is ‘floating in the picture’, its not on the floor

Again, all I can do is guess without seeing your file. Maybe you need to model a floor. The ground plane is fixed in space. If you place the image and the model so they are floating above the ground plane, then you’d get that result. In the Shadow settings you can set shadows to not display on the ground plane.

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I’m not sure what happened, but it looks okay now, thanks for the help!