Multiple objects stuck together and unable to edit

I am framing a treehouse and somehow half of the frame is stuck together, as in when I click on them they are all highlighted together and no amount of clicking allows me to select a single piece of wood. They are not locked, grouped, or components. Sketchup just wont let me edit them and i dont know why. The file is attached below. Try to edit a framing member underneath the sign i made (opposite side of the treehouse from the tree) and you will see what i mean.

Powell Treehouse frame - Copy.skp (2.1 MB)

The framing under the sign is all loose geometry, so on click and you have selected an edge or a face etc, it’s behaving normally for me.


. Like Box wrote, it’s the normal behaviour this way. You should separate different objects as groups/components.

I suspect he may have accidentally exploded a whole bunch of groups/components, as the rest of the model seems to be grouped effectively.