Casual user needs help with faces

I’m a amateur user, using SU atm to remodel a bungalow that we have retired to, I have experience with Autocad in the past as a professional so not entirely inept.
I’m having problems with stud walling I have created a stud wall into which I have installed window openings but when i try to edit the existing stud to provide an opening i find the surfaces are stuck together and the wrong bits are getting deleted.
if any more details are needed ill post as nesss, sorry about the terminology.

In SketchUp, all loose geometry sticks together and merges into one object. To control this, you put the geometry inside groups and components. When properly organised, only the bits you want to stick together, stick together. Your studs are a good example of an object that should be a component as you’ll have lots of them. In general make a group for something unique, make a component for objects that are repeated multiple times in your model (even in multiple separate models). Some experienced SketchUp users use components all the time and don’t use groups.

Have a look at the tutorials:
The first set of videos, SketchUp Fundamentals, explains the importance of using groups and components. You might have to log in to your Trimble account to see them or at least to save your progress.

If you post your .skp file here, you’ll probably get some advice to help you get organised.

Thanks for that Mr Gordon, I have to go out now but will explore this more thoroughly when i return.

A more general point that may be worth mentioning is that very experienced Sketchuppers who use the software professionally for designing buildings rarely try to model every detail of every part of a building. It just takes too long. And however high the precision you adopt, it tends to get blown out of the water when you get on site. It’s worth asking whether a carpenter (say) needs to be told where to put each and every stud. If you need to detail how an opening is trimmed around, do a generic detail that can be used throughout a project and maybe others too.

If you are just doing it for the craic, though, that’s another matter. All good practice.

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See these short training videos.


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An afternoon invested in watching all will save you several days of frustration.

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