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I was a professional mechanical designer for 20 years. I used AutoCAD 2D for 10 years and then SolidWorks for another 10. Now, I am trying to learn and use SU for a home project. This is what I have after many hours. The problem I am faced with now is how to create or modify walls that meet a sloping ceiling. I have used the protractor and made a line at the correct angle and then created a surface to sweep with push/pull. Sometimes it works, but I have to do it so much because of the many wall pieces. Isn’t there a better way?

Also, If I create a new shape on an old surface, even though the old surface was grouped, the new one pulls surfaces or lines from the old one and makes them corrupt. I see people on the tutorials making new parts out, away from the model and then bringing them in. Is this why?

Oh, maybe I can’t upload a file yet as I am new to the Forum as well.

There is no file attached. New forum users do have restrictions placed on them; I’m not sure when the ability to post at least a single attachment is granted. Probably after a couple of more replies, you’ll be anointed with that power. :slight_smile:
The groups (and even more powerful, components) in SketchUp are intended to prevent different bits of “raw geometry” - edges and faces - from interacting with each other. If the edges and faces comprising an old surface were grouped, then the only way that newly-created edges and faces (circles, arcs, etc.) would interact with the old geometry is if you had opened the existing group for editing. Double-clicking on a group or component is the easiest way to open a group or component. Sometimes this can be done unintentionally.

Thanks, Tom. I’ll get it eventually, I’m sure.

I would probably depending on the model, create the slopped roof as a seperate group and use solid tools to trim the walls group with the slopped roof group

You can have a look at the plugin extrudeEdgesByVectorToObject too …

Looks good. I remember using (and writing) macros for AutoCad back in the
90s. These might be similar.

Only trouble is. the tutorial on how to load .rbz files is itself an rbz!


That is how to load an extension from the extension warehouse. I have an
rbz file on my computer in my Downloads folder.

How do I load that?


Jump to about 2:30 in the video… It’s in there…

“All I have to do is click this button right here to get the extension
manager up”

I don’t have your tool set. What button was that?

You say:
“All I have to do is click this button right here to get the extension
manager up”

I don’t have your tool set. What button was that?

My version of SU does not have Extension Manager, I guess. The help file
when I search for “Extension Manager” says pull down Window and select
Extension Manger from the drop down list.

It is not on my Window drop-down list.

Is it somewhere else or is it an extension itself?


Rick Barlow

Your Profile says you are using SU2018 on Win 7, if that is the case you should see this.
If you are not seeing this or using a different version then please let us know what is different.

No, I see

But I was able to load the extension by clicking on Window/Preferences/ Install Extension.

That is because you are using 2016, if you had mentioned that or correctly filled in your profile we could have given you the correct information.

Oops. You’re right. I just downloaded SketchUp last week, so I figured it was 2018. I don’t know how I got 2016.

Is there an Extension Manager at all in 2016?


No. go to Window>Preferences>Extensions and find the Install Extension button there.

How about fixing your profile so it shows the correct version?

Okay. Where do I go to do that?

Click on your avatar picture in the upper right corner of the Forum window. Click on the gear icon. click on Profile. Edit the fields. Add operating system and graphics card and other info. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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