Beginner Sketchup Question - Ceiling Error

Hello! I’m a beginner and have been stuck for several hours on this problem. Thanks in advance for your patience with my question! I’ve read many posts but haven’t found a solution.

I was working to build my ceiling but when I tried to connect all four corners of the ceiling with the line tool - the line tool does not let me make a continuous box. I have to create a new line segment each time (but only on the roof). The line segment tool works correctly everywhere else.

I’ve tried making two triangles and that works but when I group the roof and try to pull it up, it only lets me pull up separate rooms. I’m pretty confused with what I did wrong.

Helllppppp please :upside_down_face:
Assignment4 copy.skp (13.7 MB)

You should be using groups and components to separate the geometry.
Here I have done a triple click to select all connected, then right click Make Group which allows me to create a rectangle on top.


It looks like @Box has you started. In addition to his point about using groups for your geometry, you should be making sure you have white front faces exposed, not the blue back faces. Applying a color or material won’t fix that, you need to reverse the faces. Make sure face orientation is correct before you start adding materials.

You should learn to use tags correctly. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. ONLY groups and components get tags. Here I’ve repaired the incorrect usage.
Screenshot - 12_3_2021 , 7_25_04 AM

And purge unused stuff from your models as you go.
Screenshot - 12_3_2021 , 7_25_25 AM
Deleting components you’ve downloaded from the 3D Warehouse only removes them from the model space. It doesn’t remove them from the file, though.

Here I’ve fixed the reversed faces on your walls. I have not grouped them. You can do that.
Assignment4 copy purged.skp (5.3 MB)

I expect this is a school assignment. Is this an interior design assessment or a Sketchup assessment?


Dave is spot on with those points, the reason you have tag issues is you have changed the active tag. Always leave the little pencil on the untagged tag.


Thank you so much! I was just able to duplicate this in sketchup. I’m learning sketchup through a tutorial and I ran into this issue a week ago. On the path to fixing it, I ended up exploding the whole model and deleting a bunch of tags so I think I just made a mess of it instead… Once again, thanks!

What tutorial?

Yes thanks Dave! I’m following a tutorial right now and have been trying to follow it step by step. In my frustration with this ceiling issue, I exploded the model and deleted a bunch of tags. How did you purge? I couldn’t find the path in the menu bar. Appreciate it!

The Mac Sketchup Tutorial via IDI

I used a plugin for that because it gives the report but you can use Purge Unused from Window>Model Info>Statistics.

Does that tutorial teach nothing about correct tag usage, correct face orientation, and purging the model of unused stuff?

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Thank you!

The videos talk about it (in passing and in relation to the task) but its a video instruction so if I do anything wrong - there is no one there to ask or check my work. Mostly you are following what the instructor does step by step from the video.

That’s unfortunate.Those are things I stress early on with my students because they are all part of creating clean, trouble-free models. It’s part of maintaining control over the modeling process.

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