Creating a ceiling on top of walls using rectangle tool

Hello, I am New to Sketch up and am following online tutorials as part of an interior design course.

I am learning to create walls and a ceiling from
A floor plan. I have successfully created and pulled up the walls to the correct height…but upon creating the ceiling with the rectangle tool, the ceiling doesn’t sit on top of the walls…the walls are showing through, so when I try to pull the ceiling up, it cuts around the walls, making a weird shaped ceiling…when I just want the ceiling to cover the walls and be on its own…any help would be much appreciated.
I worked on the tag ‘external walls’ for the walls and I’m now working on the tag ‘ceiling’ fyi.

If you used a corner at the top of the wall to start the rectangle for the ceiling, the ceiling should be on top of the walls.

That would be normal since faces have no thickness.

That implies that you didn’t make a group to contain the edges and faces of the walls. You need to do that to prevent the geometry of the ceiling being cut by the walls.

I hope they aren’t teaching that method of work in the tutorial. You should be leaving Untagged as active at all times. Model the walls and create a group. Then give the Walls tag to that group. When you model the ceiling it’s the same process. Model it, create a group to contain the ceiling geometry, give the group the ceiling tag. Don’t “work on tags” in SketchUp. Groups and components are used to provide separation between hunks of geometry.

Not sure which tutorials you are following but you might want to start over with the ones at

Thanks so much for your help! Sure enough I grouped the walls and can now extend the ceiling up on its own…I will also make sure I’m always working on untagged first of all.
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