MS Physics jont connection tool..connecting to self is not allowed!

I am using MS Physics… when i try to connect the joints with the joint connection tool, it says connecting to self is not allowed…how can i solve this problem?

I’ve encountered that situation. I don’t recall exactly how I solved it, but I think it is related to the nesting of a joint within a group or component. Is the joint inside a group or component? If so, try re-locating the joint to be a top-level object (that is, not inside any group or component). Then use the MSPhysics UI to connect the joint to the object(s) it controls. Then Cut the joint, enter the context of the group or component in which you actually want the joint to reside, and Past In Place the joint. (Or use the Outliner window to move the joint around within the hierarchy, if you are comfortable with that approach). I’m not certain the above will solve the problem, but the MSPhysics error relates to the parenting of the joint vs. the controlled object.

i tried it but it didnt work can u send me a video how to do it please? i would be so grateful to you.

i have a plane, which needs hinge joints and motor joints…please can you help me out?

I’m not sure if and when I’ll be able to offer specific advice. In the mean time I suggest you look at and perhaps ask questions over on the Sketchucation page for MSPhysics, which is where most discussion occurs about this plugin. To make new posts (such as replies to the above MSPhysics topic) you need to register; a free level is available. Be aware that moderators need to approve posts, which can take 24 hours or so.

you look quite confident about sketchup and ms physics…i would be so grateful if you help me.

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