Sketchup 2017, MsPhysics joints falling apart

Why are my joints fallin apart?

Wheel turning and stuff.skp (131.6 KB)

You should ask in the MSPysics thread at Sketchucation.

I hope you will understand how it should be by examining the edits I have made.
Wheel turning and stuff-ecati.skp (169.7 KB)

WOW. Thanks. I’m at work now but I will definitely check it out this evening.

BR / Göran

I’m sorry but my anti virus protection didn’t allow me to download your skp file

What antivirus do you have? It’s a very distrustful one. You can turn it off/disable or check in the antivirus panel the file it blocked and tell it it’s not a threat.


I’m running AVG.
Am I the only one having Blacklist issue?
What alternatives are there to disabling my anti virus protection?
As I see it there is no problem with the file but more the reputation of the file sharing url

BR / Göran

I disabled AVG, downloaded, enabled AVG and the file is perfekt.

Your edits works very well. But why are these slices needed?

What you get is definitely a false positive. Is your AVG up to date? Can you switch, perhaps temporarily, to another antivirus (turn on Defender, for instance)? Never seen yet anyone else having problems with model files uploaded to the forum.

It may be the ‘active ingredient’ of MsPhysics itself that is being picked up as ‘something wicked this way comes’.

Yes, it often happens in this industry that you have to take into account a certain degree of work around to make things work. What made you understand that this kind of slicing around the axis would solve the problem. I ask because I want to be able to understand for the next occasion