Msphysics weak joints, falling apart, wobbling

I’m using MSPhysics to simulate moving parts and linkages in differant assemblys ie, an engine. the extension clearly has the potential to do it , but for some reason all the parts wobble, and fall apart. it’s like the joints are weak. anyone know hoe to fix this? many thanks =)

Me also !! After a few iterations the model will move further and further from the hinge point set. Using su make and the latest msphysics. Pity as if it worked it would be a great combination.

Anyone? Having the same issue as two guys above me. What setting causes weakness/wobble in joints? Thanks to anyone who cares to answer.

I used MSphysics a few years ago for a project. I don’t recall details of configuration settings (I tried a lot!), but I think the wobbling of joints can be caused by over-constraints - when there is not enough freedom of movement due to other objects or other joints. In such cases, there may be no good solution to the kinematics equations, so the simulation must resort to relaxed constraints (which in the real world would cause breakage or bending).

If a simulation runs for a long time, gradual numeric errors or approximations may accumulate which result in increasing sloppy or erratic behavior.

Thanks for the response. Kind of gave me an idea and it helped me to solve the problem. I had basically one servo joint on one side and the other side was hanging horizontally in the air. It must have been too “heavy” to hold as the rotating piece was quite long. So it was wobbling. I added simple hinge joint across from my servo joint and it is not wobbling at all. It is rotating around it’s center as it should. Thanks. I hope this will help to someone as well.

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